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FEMEN: A portrait of opposition (contains nudity)

FEMEN: A portrait of opposition (contains nudity)


French photographer Guillaume Herbaut recently won a World Press Photo 2012 award for his portrait of FEMEN’s Inna Shevchenko standing defiantly outside of Kiev, Ukraine.

A few weeks ago, Guillaume returned to Kiev to photograph the women of the movement defying the winter weather as well.

FEMEN have long defended their sexualized method of protest by claiming that if they just marched with banners they would never be noticed, and their voices would never be heard.

See the pictures with nudity after the break, and decide for yourself if the messages have greater impact when framed by the power of the female form. See other FEMEN coverage in the Osocio archives.







Beautiful work. I wish the sign carried by Alexandra Nemchinova did not use her larger size as a pun, but obviously she was a willing participant.

All photographs copyright Guillaume Herbaut.

Guillaume Herbaut (photographer)
Kiev Connexions

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  1. Tommi 5 years ago

    They are using the languages of the same stereotypes they want to fight. Do you think it could work? I’m not sure about it.

  2. li 4 years ago

    it’s very exciting! it be very good if those femen come to china ,they can be a new cullural revolution!ha ha ha

  3. Ryan 3 years ago

    Well its sad to see them accepting the obese I guess I’ll just have to make sure google filters out the fat bitches

  4. David Connolly 3 years ago

    Ryan your comment indicates to me you have quite a bit of fat yourself. Right between your ears. Your flippant attitude concerning matters of life and death is really wrong. You hopefully will mature in time. And the bravery of the women is admirable.

  5. Ryan 3 years ago

    Well David you have got to be the biggest ass ever, after all you made an ASSumption its kind of hard for you to get fat when you walk 100miles for 6 out of 7 days a week for work. Anyway I am sure you can go show your comment to mine to that chick in your women’s studies class that has more mammary mass than brain mass.

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