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It’s homecare, no market

It’s homecare, no market

In this provocative commercial from the Dutch Socialist Party (SP) you see a 86 years old former actrice telling about her experiences with the homecare situation. In order to cut down expenses the Dutch governement changed the homecare policy. Instead of having a personal helper who the elderly people know and trust, they now get different people who help them.
Everytime it’s someone else who washes them, helps them getting dressed, or cleans their houses.

This is what she says in the video:
Al jaren word ik bij het wassen geholpen door Connie.
Connie is te duur, zeggen ze.
Dus nu komt er een vreemde.
En daarna weer een andere vreemde.
Ik kan me net zo goed voor heel Nederland uitkleden.

For many years now, Connie helps me with washing myself.
Connie became too expensive they say.
A stranger is helping me with washing myself now.
And the next time it’ll be another stranger.
What is the difference with getting undressed for the whole country?

Tagline: Voor een menselijke thuiszorg
For human homecare

This commercial can only be made in some European countries, I think. In the Netherlands the first reactions are positive. The video is very well made and the actress is beautiful and proud. But the main question is: does the nudity helps to get the message through, or does it just distract?
What do you think?


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  1. jeroen 9 years ago

    I had to watch this twice to make up my mind, which is great. (not my mind, the fact I had to watch it twice)

    Without the nudity, they would have had to change the message.

    It does leave you with an uncomfortable feeling, watching her undress – completely. That little piece of unease however, the short thought of “did they really have to do that” gives more power to the message. Of course they didn’t have to, but she does, every day.

    It will also make this campaign a conversation piece…


  2. ipub 9 years ago


    Depuis des années, Connie m’aide à me laver.
    ils ont dit que Connie est devenue trop chère.
    Un inconnu m’aide maintenant à me laver.
    et la prochaine fois un autre inconnu viendra.
    Quelle est la différence pour tout le pays, avec le fait de se déhabiller ?

  3. Maxim 9 years ago

    The nudity helps. It is meant to make us feel a little uneasy. I must say It’s not only the nudity but also the feeling that the old lady can fall over any moment which makes you uncomfortable and which helps to get the point across: care should not be privatised.

    Great spot. Top marks.

  4. Rhonda Geraci 9 years ago

    It had to have the nudity, so we could feel what it is like being a stranger watching her- as well as putting ourselves in her position to feel the governement’s disrespect, and disregard for what people need to keep their dignity – Very Impactful spot!

  5. Sherry Sue 9 years ago

    I have worked in a nursing home for many years, seen many of the elderly disrobe…but even this tugged at my heart and made me feel her pain and loss of dignity.  Many unfortunate (for them) people ignore the elderly, so without the impact of the nudity, there is doubt that it would have even been noticed much less reached those of us in other lands.  This needs to be seen by all elderly caregivers, not just the governments.

  6. Batull 8 years ago

    It’s very disturbing and yet effective because it makes you understand her loss of dignity…..none of us would want our elderly parents to go through such a humiliating ordeal everyday. childhood- old age too craves for the comfort of familiarity and extra care, both of which is being denied.

  7. Meg Martin 8 years ago

    It’s so long after the fact, of course…but since this ad is one of the 32 finalists for AdFreak’s ‘Freakiest Ads of 2008’, I thought maybe I’d help the Dutch translation a bit. I’m a professional translator specialized in advertising, living in the Netherlands and speaking Dutch.

    For many years, Connie helped me wash myself.
    Connie is too expensive, they say.
    So now a stranger is helping me wash myself.
    And the next time it’ll be another stranger.
    I might as well undress in front of the whole country.

  8. meeee 8 years ago

    that sucks 😀

  9. angela 7 years ago

    I’m a homecare nurse and after watching this ad I was in tears. I have one person who i tend to everyday and it was hard for them when i first arrived, now they are very comfortable but i can’t imagine feeling what they felt the first time i had to wash them ,to feel that everyday. shameful.

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