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From 2,000 blog posts to 2,000 friends

Posted by Marc van Gurp | 7-07-2010 19:07 | Category: Media, Osocio

image This is blogpost No. 2,000 and we’re proud!

Osocio is proud to publish our 2,000th blog post! The next step is to get 2,000 friends on Facebook. So please give us YOUR ideas about how to do that.

When we started we had no idea where making a blog about non-profit campaigns would end up.

As you can read at the about page  I started blogging about non-profit campaigns at my own small place (with the mediæval blog software at xs4all.nl) under the name Houtlust.

It started as an experiment, not intended to go anywhere.

Houtlust surprisingly grew and on 28-11-2007 I started the blog you are reading now. It’s not my personal playground but a group blog, with great bloggers and friends from around the world.

As we were at the beginning, we’re still the biggest blog about this communication niche. In absolute numbers we’re not a big blog but I’m proud to say that we’re influential. We feature campaigns from agencies, designers and NGO’s all over the world. And Osocio is very often used as a source for other blogs, courses and campaign strategies.

In this post I look back, using all kind of statistics and trivia. Read it after the break.
But with you we want to look forward. The media landscape has changed a lot since I started blogging in 2005. And we want to grow with it. We’ve decided that the first step is making our community bigger. We’re not doing it for the money. We all make Osocio in our spare time, and of course we don’t do it for profit. 
“We’re in the business of changing behaviors” Armando once said. And we are looking for better ways to do this with you.

We’re active on Twitter, Linkedin and Facebook and we have learned that Facebook is the best place for us to meet you. In a short period of time our Facebook Fan Page has grown to 1,000 fans. For that we need your help.

Remember the co-creation interview we did with Neil Hopkins, the man behind the Embrace Life campaign. We did it with you. 
We did the Campaign of the Year award and we will do it again. But also with you.

Of course we have more thoughts about where we want to go, but for now we need ideas for increasing the number of Facebook fans. Do you have an idea for making it 2,000 in a short period of time?
Let us know at the Osocio Facebook Fan Page.

The three best ideas will be rewarded with:

imageA pair of Plakkies, the slipper from South Africa.

imageOr a t-shirt from the great Skull-A-Day collection from designer and Osocio blogger Noah Scalin

imageOr a print from the great collection of the work from designer and Osocio blogger Dan Matutina

Osocio statistics and trivia


    Top-10 most visited posts
  1. Explore but protect yourself

  2. Provocative Ransom Notes on childhood mental illness

  3. Try zooming out for a broader look

  4. It’s homecare, no market

  5. Catch of the day

  6. Pollution babes

  7. Safe sex for dogs and cats

  8. Beijing Olympics: logo alternative

  9. Donate your coat

  10. Atheist Bus Campaign (UK) reached funds in 10 hours


    Top-10 most visited category pages
  1. Woman issues

  2. Abuse

  3. Animal rights

  4. Environment

  5. Drugs

  6. Health

  7. Design

  8. Violence

  9. Social aid

  10. Human rights

    Top-10 most commented posts
  1. MSF: We can’t operate without your help (49)

  2. Yes! We’re open! (36)

  3. Beijing Olympics: China is getting ready (35)

  4. The Nano and Turtle Extinction, brought to you by Tata (31)

  5. Stop the daily rapes in Darfur (15)

  6. Explore but protect yourself (15)

  7. Atheist Bus Campaign (UK) reached funds in 10 hours (13)

  8. MSF: We can’t operate without your help II (12)

  9. Animals: For long eyelashes (11)

  10. Louis Vuitton angry about Darfur campaign (11)

    Top-10 search terms at Google
  1. Osocio

  2. Safe sex with dogs

  3. Social advertising

  4. Show your breasts

  5. Child porno

  6. But on Meth it is

  7. Make a love child

  8. Porno

  9. Social advertising vs commercial advertising

  10. Diesel advertising

    Top-10 referrers
  1. Google

  2. Google image search

  3. Stumbleupon

  4. Digg

  5. alfa.lt

  6. blogger.xs4all.nl (Houtlust)

  7. meneame.net

  8. Twitter

  9. Reddit

  10. Facebook

    Browser war
  1. Firefox (56,5%)

  2. Internet Explorer (22,9%)

  3. Safari (13,1%)

  4. Chrome (4,1%)

  5. Opera (2,5%)

  6. Playstation 3 (0,03%)

    Visits from the continents
  1. Americas (43,5%)

  2. Europe (40,3%)

  3. Asia (12,3%)

  4. Oceania (0,03%)

  5. Africa (0,001%)

    Other statistics and trivia:
  • Osocio has been hacked three times

  • The image directory contains over 7.200 image files. (note: most of the published campaign items have two image files: small and large)

  • The tell-a-friend option is used 4.600 times

  • Our About page is readable in 16 languages. More translations are welcome

  • We’re proud to be a stable No. 4 at the List of Change

  • Incoming links according to Google: 260,232

  • Incoming links according to Yahoo: 144,174

  • Our domains: osocio.org, osocio.net, osocio.info, osocio.nl, social-advertising.org, social-advertising.nl

We all make Osocio not for profit. Therefore we’re very grateful for all the help Interactice Communication firm Onstuimig give us.


Comments about From 2,000 blog posts to 2,000 friends

WildfireApp.com has some really great apps that you can use the engage your readers. Campaigns have brought in 100K+ fans in a week or so. (Disclosure: I used to work with Wildfire as a consultant.)

Posted by Charles | 28-09-2010 01:32

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