Giant squirrel wreaks mild Canadian-style havoc

Posted by Claire | 30-04-2012 18:46 | Category: Government

The latest video in the Public Service Alliance of Canada’s (PSAC) online campaign against cutbacks to the public sector features a giant squirrel gently trashing a science lab.

When I first saw these videos I thought the squirrel was representing disease spread by squirrels throughout the Canadian wilderness due to reckless cutbacks to programs …  Great, deadly squirrel disease, one more thing to worry about!

As you watch carefully, it becomes clear the squirrel represents the federal government’s threatened cuts to public services. Is the squirrel supposed to be Prime Minister Harper himself or just his malevolent paladin?

Click “read more” for more furry critter action …


PSAC is one of Canada’s largest unions, representing more than 172,000 employees in Canada.  The Third Choice campaign began in December, with new bilingual videos continually released on YouTube. Viewers are pushed to ThirdChoice.ca, a Facebook page with more videos and action-kit items.

Giant Squirrel wrecks office

Giant Squirrel + Ground Beef = Sick

It’s obvious these are inspired by the famous “Never say no to Panda” cheese advertisements from Egypt.

Never say no to Panda

“Never Say No to Panda” is an example of an ad campaign so strange & charming that it genuinely went viral. To really get the humour of these PSAC videos, you should have a familiarity with the Panda ads. Is the internet-meme-loving demographic the right group to pitch for a movement targeting the general voting public?

ThirdChoice.ca includes all the typical ingredients to steward a growing viral campaign: An online toolkit complete with posters, stickers & stencil kit (please comment if you’ve seen any of these squirrels stenciled around Toronto), and the call-to-action to write your MP, or post “3” (for Third Choice) to Facebook.

ThirdChoice.ca poster

There hasn’t been a lot of media attention on this social campaign so far ... Will the angry giant Canadian squirrel become a meme of its own?

Evidently Toronto
Third Choice

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