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Gimme Shelter: Made to resist inequality

Gimme Shelter: Made to resist inequality

Spring is coming but Winter has been hard for those living on the streets.  In Spain, non-profit organization Acción Humanitatis is providing a new kind of shelter with a garment created by costume designer Matías Zanotti with features and functions to help homeless people not to suffer from the cold.

Gimme Shelter is a coat, a haven, a hood, a pair of gloves, a backpack, ten pockets, a pillow, a mattress and a sleeping bag. All these features not only helps people survive on the street but also serves as a fashion statement  appealing to those not living on the streets, someone who, when choosing a coat, wants more than pretty clothes.  Someone when buying their coat is donating a free one to another person living on the streets.

The campaign is also supported by ad agency Tapsa Y&R  and photographer Jerónimo Alvarez.

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