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Romanians are smart

Romanians are smart


Google live search can give terrible examples of discrimination and prejudices. That is what happens with Romanians too. The hate and prejudices towards the people of Romania are well known.
Agency McCann Erickson Romania made a campaign about this for ROM, the famous Romanian chocolate bar. A remarkable initiative from a commercial brand.

I just tried it myself started typing Romanians are … It is exactly like the image above. It is based on search history. The idea behind the campaign is to change this with enormous amount of positives searches with “Romanians are smart”. These searches can also be done at the campaign website in many languages.
At this moment already over 150,000 positive searches are done.

The campaign has started last week in Romania generating an unprecedented grassroots movement, with bloggers and public personalities adopting the campaign theme and generating hundreds of blog posts that support the cause and come up with examples of “smart Romanians”.

I love this approach. It is positive action powered by a commercial brand. I’m curious how successful this would be when done by a NGO or protest group.

Gabriela Munteanu, Marketing Manager at Kandia Dulce (ROM): “ROM is a profoundly Romanian brand, that forces us to take a stance when we see Romania is the victim of some serious prejudgement. That is why we decided to assume a cause that honors us: to fight for Romanians’ image. Romanians image over the internet, the image of Romanians about themselves, the image of Romanians abroad. The campaign “Romanians are smart” is continuing the effort launched through “New ROM” campaign, aiming to reinvigorate the national pride.”


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McCann Erickson Romania

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  1. cristina 5 years ago

    Hello Im cristina I come from Romanian , excuse me because of my english .  Im really sad and upset about it everyone are rude to romanian people but whyy ??????? we didn’t done anything   . In all country’s are bad people but in same time in all countrys are good people with respect   why we are descriminate :(((((((((((((((((( we just work we just learn and try to make money we didnt stoll anything …. really is very rude . thank you verry much

  2. Mircea 5 years ago

    Dear friends,

    I am not proud to be Canadian but I am happy to stay Romanian in my way of thinking and especially in my belief, in my religion ! Most of the Romanian people are ORTHODOX ! And this is the only true religion, the Orthodox Church is the Church created by Our Lord Jesus Christ ! Thank GOD for the fact I am a Romanian Orthodox ! It would be better for me to die than to change my religion ! And the Orthodoxy is teaching us to be humble, to be simple, to endure with patience ! Even Our Lord Jesus Christ told His disciples that they will suffer in the world ! I have compassion for the people who denigrate us ! They are blinded by the devil ! The Orthodox people love all the souls ! We do not denigrate, we love and respect everyone ! But, I am convinced that all the other religions, absolutely all the other religions, starting with the Catholic one, are created by the human being inspired by the devil ! This is for sure ! THIS IS THE TRUTH I BELIEVE IN: ONE LORD, ONE FAITH, ONE BAPTISM ! Exactly what the Holy Bible says !



  3. stefano 5 years ago

    This “OSUOCIO” are “fagets about 95% of them” evidentely they do have a mental problem.

  4. Marius 4 years ago

    I live in UK.Terrible time to be a Romanian!Can’t believe they ‘re doing this to us in 2013,some of the media coverage is beyond the pale.It comes across as a concerted attempt to denigrated everything Romanian and it’s gut wrenching!However,hang in there dear co-nationals,persecuted people do eventually prevail!

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