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Google Street View with the World Under Water [update]

Google Street View with the World Under Water [update]
Google Street View with the World Under Water

Google Street View with the World Under Water

It’s what every child learns in my country. What happens when the levees break? It’s because I live in the country of Hans Brinker.
The forces of Hans, however, will not be infinite. Because he can’t fight climate change on his own.

To make visible what our world look like in around one hundred years is now possible with this new project from Carbon Story.
The idea of project is inspired by the United Nations World Environment Day (5 June 2014) slogan ‘Raise your voice, not the sea levels’

The organisation is a new crowdfunding platform to stop climate change. Their new digital experience at uses Web GL and Google Street View to give people the chance to search, explore and share any location submerged in water. The creation is done by BBDO and Proximity Singapore.
Carbon Story: “it really hits home the fact that climate change caused by rising sea levels doesn’t just affect coastline dwellers – we’re all at risk.”

I admit it’s a ‘fun toy’ also, especially if it comes close. This is my street:

Google Street View with the World Under Water

UPDATE: The street view shots in the World Under Water aren’t very accurate. Whether you live in a low or high level doesn’t matter. The picture is the same everywhere. Check the Christ statue in Rio de Janeiro for example. It’s located on 710 meters above sea level.

As blogger Ivan Raszl commented: “It only fuels the anti-global warming propaganda. They can now legitimately say this is another example of incorrect data presentation and alarmism.”

Carbon Story

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