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Hoax: 2028 The Movie - It Finally Ends

Posted by Marc van Gurp | 19-01-2010 22:40 | Category: Health, Social aid

Tormented by the demons of her past and burdened by this disturbing family development, Colleen Foy (There Will Be Blood) tries to make sense out of her newfound life, but a series of unfortunate events cause her world to spiral out of control. (Guided text at the YouTube page)

Hoax: 2028 The Movie - It Finally Ends

This fake punks teens movie promotion is actually teen pregnancy PSA in disguise. It is made for United Way of Greater Milwaukee.
It was billed as an urban suspense thriller with a big twist. But teens in Milwaukee who have been anticipating the premiere of the new movie 2028 since late December, got a surprise they never saw coming. The movie they were expecting was really a psa about teen pregnancy.

“Get pregnant as a teen and the next 18 years could be the hardest of your life. babycanwait.com

“We’re trying to combat the glamorization of teen pregnancy by Hollywood,” explains Serve Founder Gary Mueller. “So what better way to communicate that teen pregnancy is hard then by using a fake movie.”  To promote the giant ruse on teens, in December, Serve created fake movie trailers for tv and in theaters, did bus shelters, and billboards (see below). Bogus Wikipedia and Facebook pages were launched along with radio station promotions and giveaways. Serve Marketing also produced a music soundtrack for the fake suspense thriller. All to get kids talking and anticipating the arrival of what turned out to be a “you’ve been punked” style psa. With the tough love message of the movie trailer being, “Get pregnant as a teen and the next 18 years could be the hardest years of your life.

The bold efforts, which have been criticized by some and praised by others, seem to be working as the city’s teen birth rate has dropped for the second year in a row (a 10% decrease overall). Milwaukee ranks 7th in the nation for births to teens.

The official 2028 website:

Hoax: 2028 The Movie - It Finally Ends

Outdoor and fake movie posters:

Hoax: 2028 The Movie - It Finally Ends

Hoax: 2028 The Movie - It Finally Ends

Hoax: 2028 The Movie - It Finally Ends

United Way of Greater Milwaukee
Serve Marketing
Additional credits:
Creative Director: Gary Mueller
Writer Ross Lowinske
Art Director: Brent Goral, Ryan Smith
Interactive: Ben Grey
Director: Carlo Besasie
Agency Producer: Darlene Stimac
Assciate Producer: Amanda Ruffalo
Edit: Don Unverrich/Dave Kuhnen
Audio: Peter Batchelder (Independent)
Acct Team: Heather Aldrich, Brittin Haury


Comments about Hoax: 2028 The Movie - It Finally Ends

A pregnancy prevention program that is both audience-savvy AND isn’t just that “abstinence-only” muck? How rare!

Posted by scamps | 21-01-2010 00:18

Comments about Hoax: 2028 The Movie - It Finally Ends

This must’ve cost a fortune. I thought it was real movie. Well worth the message. Especially since all that stuff on the news says teens getting prego is out of control. Nice.

Posted by Terri | 28-01-2010 22:38

Comments about Hoax: 2028 The Movie - It Finally Ends

Most of us who HAVE children understand and accept that it NEVER ends. Your child is yours to care for, worry about and be proud of for the rest of your life. 18 means the kid gets to begin taking on responsibilities new and perhaps unexpected, if they’re ready. It doesn’t mean parents get some kind of relief. Relief from what, and to what end? You get to wash your hands of being a parent? Great. We need to encourage THAT.

Bad message, really. Not to mention, misdirected. This campaign could do better by talking to parents who are not talking to their children, inspiring them to do more to help their children make well-considered choices, knowing mom and dad are never giving up on them.

And what does this say to young people who CHOOSE to begin their families in their teens? Implying that teens are somehow wrong to become adults when they’re ready is a little too smug and authoritarian for me.

A campaign designers will love, but one I would have ignored as a kid.

Posted by seaweb | 5-02-2010 01:50

Comments about Hoax: 2028 The Movie - It Finally Ends

I have shown this PSA to both parents and teens and both groups agree that today’s teens need a more strong message about teen pregnancy!

The reality is that, way too many parents are really not talking to their teens. How do I know this? Well, I work with them and they and I agree the more shocking and direct the message is the more they wii think about their future!

Now this is not to say that some parents don’t talk to their kids, they do but that number is way too low. Many of these kids say it’s way too embarrassing or to difficult to talk to there parents. So maybe a stronger message need to be sent to there parents!  How about a PSA for the parents? Or better yet play this PSA at prime time TV!

Posted by Betty1128 | 25-09-2010 06:43

My comment


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