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Hopenhagen #COP15

Hopenhagen #COP15

Hopenhagen is a campaign to encourage public participation in the upcoming United Nations Climate Change Conference in Copenhagen.
7-18 December 2009

Plus check out this Flashmob of sunbathers promoting the project as well:

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  1. John Mallow 7 years ago

    Climate warming is the biggest farce and BS that has been forced on the the world population by the world governments.  There is “NO” factual information that supports this fraud.

    The people will rise up against this fraud.  All you have to do is go outside and you will see that there is NO Climate Warming.  This is another gimmick to enslave the worlds population.

    When you all give up your jet planes, RV, big Trucks, and SUV’s, then your case might seem a little more creditable.  Just as Core, why he fly around the world in a plane that is one of the biggest air polluters.

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