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How To Get More Likes On Social Media is a damning indictment of #whitesavior complex

How To Get More Likes On Social Media is a damning indictment of #whitesavior complex

Remember #BarbieSavior? That satirical account went viral last year with its photos of the all-American doll getting woke and flying to “Africa” to save the world.

Now, The Norwegian Students’ and Academics’ International Assistance Fund, creators of the Rusty Radiator Awards, have launched a new video about the issue, “How To Get More Likes On Social Media.”

It’s not a bad parody of voluntourism, but it doesn’t add anything new to the conversation. Apparently, the two anonymous twenty-something white women behind Barbie Savior were involved, so if anything this is a sequel of sorts.

The real message here is in the accompanying microsite, “How To Communicate The World: A Social Media Guide for Volunteers and Travelers,” which provides positive advice and examples for how to conduct international aid projects with respect and dignity.

It also includes this handy checklist:

The animation was produced by Animaskin.


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