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In the Moment

In the Moment

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West Hollywood’s is sponsoring a new online soap opera about HIV prevention, which is aimed at young men who may assume that the AIDS epidemic is over.  As The Los Angeles Times explains in “Gay online soap opera has a serious message,” “In the Moment” uses its “racy, unvarnished portrait of gay L.A.” to offer an alternative to traditional community outreach and social marketing efforts.  The second episode is above, and the first episode is here.  Episodes also frequently deal with the challenges to traditional relationships of an Internet culture in which people meet up virtually or have minimal face-to-face contact.  Series creators are also using the more flexible social networking tool Ning to create what they hope will be an active online community around the show, which is already agitating for webisodes in Spanish.  This video explains more about how the show was created on a minimal budget.

Los Angeles Gay and Lesbian Center
Dave O’Brien
Los Angeles Times

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