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Katherine Heigl really hates balls

Katherine Heigl really hates balls
Katherine Heigl really hates balls

Katherine Heigl really hates balls. And in case there’s any ambiguity: she means testicles.

Katherine Heigl really hates balls

The American actress released this video on Funny or Die, which is now an advertising medium thanks to Snooki’s recent campaign. It promotes, which promotes spaying (and neutering) of pets.

From the site:

I Hate Balls is an edgy campaign targeted to raise awareness about spay/neuter, a simple and extremely effective means of stopping the killing of animals in shelters.
Nancy and Katherine Heigl, founders of the Jason Debus Heigl Foundation developed the I Hate Balls campaign to reach into all pet friendly hearts and homes with one surgically direct mission – fight the good fight against balls!
Since its inception, the Jason Heigl Foundation has taken the bull by the…well, balls. Funding spay/neuter programs has long been a passionate focus for the Foundation alongside the provision of financial support for rescue organizations that save pets from over-crowded shelters on a daily basis.

The video is absolutely hilarious. You can watch it after the break. (Flash only.)

And men… try not to cringe.


See the behind-the-scenes featurette here.

(The online “Chop Shop” is also pretty amusing.)

I Hate Balls
Funny or Die
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  1. doug wells 4 years ago

    The sheer sadistic, misandric vileness of this ad is incredible. And YOU support this? Would you support an ad joking “I hate cunts”? With lots of gratuitous “jokes” about abusing a woman’s anatomy (not legal yet!) as a an anti-spay campaign? Seriously, wake the hell up. I have supported animal welfare campaigns for decades, and fostered hundreds of animals. Not any more. Not if animal welfare organizations have turned into vicious anti-male oreganizations.

  2. Tom Megginson 4 years ago

    I’m a man, too, and yet I don’t feel diminished by this at all, Doug. Perhaps that’s because sexual violence by women against men is not the same epidemic as the reverse. One thing about privilege is that its unassailable confidence provides an easy target for harmless satire. For most people, anyway.

    BTW, if we are going to reverse the situation, the counterpart of testicles is not “cunts”. It’s ovaries.

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