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L is for Liberation Radicalphabet

L is for Liberation Radicalphabet

L is for Liberation Radicalphabet

Nice idea from a group of five Chicago-based friends, artists, and activists — Leora Abelson, Liz Cook, Lee Jacobs Riggs, Erin Moore, and Jeannette Perkal. Their name is L is for Liberation Collective.
The project started in the summer of 2011.

From their website:

A conversation one evening about the lack of rad baby gifts out there inspired us to create our own. We chose 26 social justice concepts that represent diverse identities and movements, and then reached out to artists across the country to illustrate the letters. We plan to honor the values represented on the poster by printing it througha local shop that prioritizes eco-friendly methods and fair labor practices.
They are running an Indiegogo campaign until July 15 to fund the project. The poster is available this Autumn.


Founder of Osocio. It all started with collecting election posters in 1973. And that’s never stopped. Read more.

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