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Moms clean air force

Posted by Tatjana Vukic | 10-02-2012 12:06 | Category: Awards, Education, Environment, Government, Health

I am mother and mother’s love is unconditional. Like any other mother, I think about the future of this world and in what kind of world my son grows up. If there is an elementary power to make this world a better place, then it is feasible with the power of a mother. This beautiful campaign for clean air with celebrity faces is an Intiative of the mothers. These mothers share a very good and necessary idea: to create a better world for our own children. I believe that if the mothers would take over the power of this world, we would not have today’s problems.
All mothers (and Fathers!) should get together and fight for childrens right to have clean air. Air pollution is not just dirty. It is toxic.

Actress and mother Julianne Moore released a this video calling on parents to join the fight against toxic air pollution. In the video, which endorses a nonpartisan grassroots group called the Moms Clean Air Force, Moore appears along with the heroine of her popular children’s books, Freckleface Strawberry.

Moms are becoming a powerful force in American politics. They are telling Washington that they will not allow their children’s health to be compromised by dirty fossil fuel power plants, the single largest source of pollution in the U.S. The Moms Clean Air Force is a growing community of tens of thousands of moms— from all across the political spectrum and all across the country—uniting to make their voices heard to protect their children’s health. “Clean air should be above politics,” Moore said. “The discussion about regulations to protect our air has gotten so polarized that we have forgotten an important thing: We all breathe the same air. And all our children suffer because of pollution. We don’t have to choose between a healthy economy and a healthy environment. We can have both. We can have what’s best for all our children.”

President Richard Nixon signed the Clean Air Act into law in 1970 with overwhelming support from Democrats and Republicans; however, the law is now under dangerous political attack. The new mercury and air toxics standards signed in December, after 21 years of planning, are already under political attack, with some politicians in Congress and lobbyists for the utility and coal industries calling to annul it or defund the Environmental Protection Agency.

Responding to this threat, Moms Clean Air Force is bringing parents together in support of a simple idea: That every child has the right to breathe clean air.

Moore became interested in MCAF after Dominique Browning, the group’s Co-Founder and Senior Director and former Editor-in-Chief of House & Garden, contacted her last summer. “I wrote to Julianne, knowing she is a protective mom, asking her if she would help us spread the word about the connection between toxic—and invisible—air pollution and children’s health, and she responded immediately,” Browning said. “Julianne joins a Force of thousands of mothers with real concerns about mercury poisoning, asthma, behavioral issues, and host of other problems associated with polluted air. Together we are determined to clear the air and protect the health of our children and loved ones.”

Moms Clean Air Force is a coalition of mothers including Blythe Danner, Laila Ali, and Jessica Capshaw, and partner groups such as Healthy Child, Healthy World, Asthma Moms, Latism (Latinos in Social Media), Me and my 1000 Girlfriends, Alliance of Nurses for a Healthy Environment (ANHE), Care2, BlogHer, Clever Girls Collective, and Me and My 1000 Girlfriends. source: Julianne Moore: Tell Washington to support clean air for our kids.

More about the Mission of “Moms Clean Air Force” you can read after the video ..


“Politicians in Congress, encouraged by irresponsible corporations and lobbyists for polluters, are trying to gut the Clean Air Act and dismantle the Environmental Protection Agency.

They’re fighting for the right to pollute our air.

Lined up against them to strengthen clean air regulations are some of the most respected medical organizations in the world: the American Lung Association; the American Medical Association; the American Heart Association; the American Academy of Pediatricians; the American Nurses Association.

Now there’s another powerful group supporting our right to clean air: Moms Clean Air Force.

Moms have passion and power — an unbeatable combination. We are harnessing the strength of mother love to fight back against polluters.

Moms are joining together, to come out in strength for our kids’ right to clean air — just as our parents fought for us, forty years ago, to get the Clean Air Act signed into law by President Richard Nixon. Moms Clean Air Force is nonpartisan–because clean air should be more important than politics.

On our website, we post everything for parents to understand what is at stake: nothing less than the health of our children, as well as future generations.

Air pollution isn’t just dirty. It is toxic. We show you how pollution connects to disease.

Moms will do everything they can to keep their children safe and sound. We look for the healthiest foods we can afford; we avoid toxic chemicals in our products.

But there are some things we simply can’t buy. Clean air is one. We need job-creating regulations to assure that our children have clean air right now, and for their future.

At Moms Clean Air Force, we believe in Naptime Activism. With our online action center, we make it easy and fast for busy parents to make their voices heard—while baby naps.

Sometimes, being a good mom means being an active citizen.

Please join the thousands of moms who know…

Our children can’t fight for themselves. We have to fight for them.” the source: Mission / Moms Clean Air Force

I quote great Maxim Gorky:
“Only mothers can think of the future-because they give birth to it in their children.”

Celebrity and activist mom Blythe Danner talks about the importance of “mommy activism” and why she joined the Moms Clean Air Force

Ayelet Waldman, Author and Mom, Joins Moms Clean Air Force



Moms Clean Air Force


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while I love your posts, I can’t help thinking that they could do with a quick proof-read. I’m a native English speaker and would be more than happy to do this for you!

best, Oliver

Posted by Oliver | 11-02-2012 08:05

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I can help. I’m one of the resident native English speakers. :)

Posted by Tom Megginson | 11-02-2012 19:18

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Thank you Oliver! I hope I have not made ​​serious mistakes ... offended someone ... If so, then I’m sorry! :-)

Tom, you are sweetheart! Thanks! This is a great offer! :-)

Posted by tatjana | 14-02-2012 18:57

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