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Not everything is black and white

Not everything is black and white

Association CENZURA PLUS / CENSORSHIP PLUS from Split Croatia has launched this months a media campaign on combating discrimination. Anti-discrimination campaign CENZURA PLUS / CENSORSHIP PLUS is part of the project “Information Against Discrimination” (Informacijom protiv diskriminacije) in Split-Dalmatia County, which is financially supported by the National Foundation for Civil Society.

CENZURA PLUS / CENSORSHIP PLUS is non-profit, civil society organization situated in Split, Croatia, that mainly with methods of out-institutional education, independent media production and public advocacy, promotes human rights and works on development of civil society, all with aim of building modern, democratic and just society in Croatia. Organization is a great model of combining activism approach with media aspect as simplifying ways to reach the public and send a message.

Spot above:
“Nitko ne mora biti na margini”
Osobe s invaliditetom i oboljele osobe izloženije su diskriminaciji u društvu od drugih.
“No one should be on the margins”
People with disabilities and sick people are more vulnerable to discrimination in society than others.


CENZURA PLUS / CENSORSHIP PLUS was/is Independent Media Production started with work in 1996, as a respond of local TV station’s journalist – Eugen Jakovčić and producer – Blagica Kujundžić, on more and more obvious problem of freedom limitations in media.

Their current programs are related to developing further independence production and developing
a several serials of TV shows on following issues:
• Corporate social responsibility and Cross-sectors’ cooperation in community;
• Process of Croatian approaching to European Union and NATO;
• Fighting against Corruption in Croatian society;
• Facing with past and reconciliation processes in Croatia and region of ex. Yugoslavia
• Women rights status in Croatia
• Sexual minorities rights status in Croatia

Spot “Raspored boja čini neku razliku?”
Etničke, nacionalne i vjerske manjine su izloženije diskriminaciji u društvu od većinskih skupina.
“Schedule color makes a difference?”
Ethnic, religious and ethnic minorities are more vulnerable to discrimination in the society than the majority group.

Spot “Gurnute u pozadinu?”
Žene su izloženije diskriminaciji u društvu od muškaraca.
“pushed into the background?”
Women are more vulnerable to discrimination in society than men.

Spot “Nije sve crno-bijelo”
Osobe istospolne seksualne orijentacije (homoseksualne osobe) su izloženije diskriminaciji u društvu od heteroseksualnih osoba.
“Not everything is black and white”
People of same-sex sexual orientation (homosexuals) are more vulnerable to discrimination in society than heterosexual people.


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