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Patient-Centered Health Care: The Keywords

Patient-Centered Health Care: The Keywords

Great typographic animation from the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation (USA) about the future of our health care.

“In a world with abundant, actionable health data – both from electronic medical records and our everyday observations – we will be empowered to make better decisions and our relationships with doctors may significantly change.”

Andre Blackman at Pulse + Signal: “I really appreciate this video for a variety of reasons. Not only do I think the way these conversations were visualized is cool but it really points out the key words and ideas that are forming this e-Patient movement. When I first started reading about about the ideas to transform the healthcare system, I got excited because it began to focus on the patient, the individual, as someone taking responsibility for their health; as someone who actually wanted to understand what was going on.”

Robert Wood Johnson Foundation
DDB Issues & Advocacy
Additional credits:
Creative Director: Ray Page
Pulse + Signal

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