PETA gets “Superbold” with sex in advertising

Posted by Tom Megginson | 31-01-2011 17:45 | Category: Animal rights

Apparently, PETA has forgotten about animals almost entirely and is now just producing online softcore porn. At least, that’s the impression I got when I watched this video.

(Warning: The following contains exploitation of two major Kingdoms of Life which may turn you off of vegetables, or sex, or both.)

Copyranter pointed out that while this is promoted as “PETA’s NSFW New Super Bowl Spot”, they didn’t even bother trying to get it “banned” this time. (Although they say they did.) Instead, they posted what purports to be the casting sessions from their 2009 banned ad for vegetarianism, and put it out there on the outside chance that people on the internet would be interested in watching beautiful women in skimpy bikinis and high heels simulate sex with vegetables.

UPDATE: The original video link expired, and when I went to get a new one I found this page, which makes the PETA/amateur porn link even more explicit. In addition to daily updates of “tryout” videos…

...they ask you to rate the performers:


And there’s even a fake “subscribe now” ad:


The good part is that the satire is a little more self-conscious. The bad part is that, once again, PETA seems to have lost sight of its cause and is more concerned with achieving simple brand notoriety.

Original ad after the break.

‘Veggie Love’: PETA’s Banned Super Bowl Ad



Comments about PETA gets

PETA makes me want to stop being a vegetarian. If they ever had an credibility they definitely don’t anymore. They are cheap, immature,  woman exploiting attention whores; their message has been lost, it’s just porn now, your right. I can’t tell if they want me to eat vegetable, or just have sex with them.

Posted by bandita | 31-01-2011 21:30

Comments about PETA gets

Creative poverty.

And what is PETA telling kids?

Posted by Marc | 31-01-2011 22:33

My comment


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