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Pick a cell, choose your colour, cell a friend

Pick a cell, choose your colour, cell a friend

Great new website launched last week for The Canadian Stem Cell Foundation (CSCF).
The site features an intro video called “Rock Star Scientists” (see above) featuring many of the world’s leading stem cell scientists followed by mini-videos from each scientist talking about things like defeating cancer, renewing organs, beating blindness and reversing stroke.
However, a really engaging part of the site is the interactive Stem Cell Charter. Pick a cell, choose your colour, your reason for signing — then ‘cell a friend’.

“This is not just about science,” explains CSCF President and CEO, James Price. “It’s about the potential of this field to impact everything from the economy, to finding treatments and cures for debilitating diseases, to even renewing the world. The creative needed to be accessible and inspiring.”


The Canadian Stem Cell Foundation
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