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Project tells the stories before the Life Jacket

Project tells the stories before the Life Jacket

This beautiful project is about the stories of refugees that are rarely heard. In the news we see the lives in the camps, stigmatised by a single word: refugee. It gets forgotten that these people led normal lives before they had to flee. Project Life Jacket gives us the opportunity to look at the stories about their lifes.

The stories are told in a very special way: through drawings on life jackets.

Michael Grossenbacher, joint initiator:

Project Life Jacket was created over a number of weeks as voluntary work: nine people, all fled across the Mediterranean and are waiting in Greek transit camps to continue their journey, told us about their lives before they left. And we put these stories on real, used “life jackets” from the beaches of Greece.

Ismail Nerebani is one of the nine portrayed persons from the Thessaloniki camp in Greece. The 36-year-old father of two daughters was born in Aleppo and studied French literature. “We were very happy with our life; we did not lack anything. Then the things happened”, Nerebani thinks back to his life in Syria before the war. The life stories of Ismail Nerabani and eight other people who fled, were captured onto real, used life jackets taken from the shores of Greece for Project Life Jacket.

On we can experience these life stories first-hand through interactive life jackets and interviews.

The project is initiated by Swiss NGOs The Voice Of Thousands, Borderfree and Schwizerchrüz.

Project Life Jacket

Project Life Jacket

Project Life Jacket

Project Life Jacket

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