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Saudis go social against domestic violence #اضربها

Saudis go social against domestic violence #اضربها

Saudis go social against domestic violence
@ItsLoosh: “I just fell down the stairs” @Anoufenani “I wish I could tell her”

A very important consideration about social change is that it must come from within the society. That’s why this social media campaign from Saudi Arabia is so powerful.

Saudis go social against domestic violence

According to Aljazeera, this is a grassroots movement organized by a group of young Saudis, sponsored by Jeddah-based music management agency Libra Productions. They are Tweeting photos of themselves holding signs, in Arabic, sharing their thoughts about violence against women. The hashtag, #اضربها (#HitHer) ties it all together.

This movement comes on the heels of a mainstream campaign by The King Khalid Foundation against domestic violence in Saudi Arabia. Is it too soon to hope that these are real signs of change in “a social system that accepts the right of the male to govern unconditionally”?

Saudis go social against domestic violence
@Aseel_Ali: “There is no manliness in violence. I salute your manhood”

@Nakar: “Just because you are male doesn’t necessarily mean you are a man”

See more #اضربها Tweets here.

حقي كرامتي دعوة للتضامن مع حقوق المرأة السعودية (Facebook group)
Libra Productions
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Translations by Aljazeera

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