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Save the Children wants you to #BeASuperhero

Save the Children wants you to #BeASuperhero

Save the Children wants you to #BeASuperhero

What’s not to like about this new Save the Children ad? It’s got real children in it – not actors, but actual children supported by the organisation’s work in their real-life environments. It’s made by the super cool BAFTA-winning agency Don’t Panic – the same guys who brought us that brilliant “Most Shocking Second A Day” video, and Greenpeace’s “Lego: Everything Is Not Awesome.” It’s positive and inspiring; it’s meant to motivate people to take action when it launches alongside Save the Children’s global campaign, Race for Survival, and the UN International Day for the Eradication of Poverty on October 17. In short, it’s just great.

Of course, there is always that guy who would say, “Hold on. Isn’t it a bit more complicated than that? Didn’t I read somewhere that we are ‘not the heroes of this story’? Maybe we should try a more nuanced messaging?”

But that guy is probably just overanalysing it, am I right? This ad is quite good, anyway. It’s what appeals to most people. It’s going to raise millions. And it’s likely going to go viral, too. So don’t be that guy. #BeASuperhero instead.

Save the Children
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