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Save the Ice Hotel!

Save the Ice Hotel!


The world-famous Ice Hotel in Jukkasjärvi, Sweden is in danger of being destroyed by forces of nature. That is, unless you help.

The “Save The Ice Hotel” movement in Sweden is appealing to the world to send them more ice. Or, you can purchase a white cause bracelet and donate towards buying a really big freezer to keep the hotel operational year-round.

Until then, the good people of Jukkasjärvi will continue to perform their traditional pagan rituals to the blonde winter gods and pray against the return of the midnight sun.


Save the Ice Hotel
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Ice Hotel photo via Wikipedia

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  1. Anna 5 years ago

    Talking about mocking…
    It’s not a pagan ritual to worship some “blonde winter god”. The fuck? It’s a celebration to the saint Lucia, and that celebration goes through whole Sweden.

  2. Tom Megginson 5 years ago

    Anna, that was a joke in the spirit of the April Fool’s Day video.

    I am aware of the St. Lucia traditions in Sweden. I am also aware that many Christian traditions have pagan roots. Sorry if I offended your faith, but I am an irreverent person by nature.

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