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#SexFactsOmaha fights teen sex myths

#SexFactsOmaha fights teen sex myths

This campaign, by all-volunteer agency Serve Marketing for Women’s Fund of Omaha, is pretty good in terms of production. But do teens really believe any of these things?

#SexFactsOmaha fights teen sex myths

#SexFactsOmaha fights teen sex myths

This gives me serious doubts about sex education in Omaha.

The campaign includes TV spots, outdoor, newspaper ads, and digital pre-roll video. There is extensive social media and online.

The campaign site has two streams: The one for teens leads straight to an interactive quiz (similar to the interactive YouTube, above, which only seems to respond to incorrect answers at the moment.) The parents’ stream leads to a PDF toolkit.

I recall myths of my youth, such as “you can’t get pregnant your first time,” but I had hoped the access kids have to information now made them a little wiser. Unintended teen pregnancy continues to be a problem, sure, but I wonder if that has more to do with teenage impulsiveness, poor understanding of risk, or just plain ignorance of their own fertility than these specific myths.

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