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Spoof Navy recruitment posters across London: Become A Suicide Bomber

Spoof Navy recruitment posters across London: Become A Suicide Bomber

These spoof posters appeared last week across London. They were secretly hanged at night by subvertising organisation @SpecialPatrols. The posters pointing passer-by to the website at which can easily be confused with the official address The text on the poster makes no bones about how the crew of a nuclear submarine must be prepared to destroy itself and human civilisation on command.

The statement is clear: Nuclear bombs are suicide bombs – it is impossible to use these weapons without also killing ourselves.

Darren Cullen, artist and illustrator and the person behind the idea:

A country with nuclear weapons is prepared to destroy the world rather than lose a war. With a single weapon system we hold the planet hostage by the sort of terror you only get from thermonuclear missiles.

The British government refuses to rule out first-use of nuclear weapons and has stated it may use them even if its ‘vital interests’ are threatened.

Due to NATO membership and our alleged Special Relationship, we’re also committed to a nuclear suicide pact with America.

The nuclear weapon system is a hot topic in the UK and the message of the spoof campaign is not fake news as told in this report:

Royal Navy Become A Suicide Bomber

Royal Navy Become A Suicide Bomber

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