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  • Afghan Women’s Organization Helping immigrants to settle in Canada

    Hands-on work really do change lives of newcomers

    By on 18 April 2017

    This video contains three 15-second spots from the Afghan Woman’s Organization (AWO) based in Canada. Each spot shows a simple intervention...

  • Destroy mines with creativity

    By on 24 November 2012

    This project is the proof that creativity is a very important key factor in doing good. It is a...

  • Women’s stories from Afghanistan #10yearson

    By on 10 October 2011

    Outrageous to say probably but what a beautiful video from ActionAid UK. I was hoping this video wouldn’t be...

  • We know where you’re coming from

    By on 8 December 2008

    Three print ads and a video from the Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America in collaboration with the Ad...

  • War is bleeding the world

    By on 14 May 2007

    The Canadian Comité de Solidarité/Trois-Rivières asks for the immediate withdrawal of the Canadian troops committed in operations of combat...

  • Afghanistan: Missing your family

    By on 8 August 2006

    The two ads above are made for the Afghan governement by Altai communications in collaboration with JWT. In these...

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