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The relation between domestic violence and cruelty against animals

The abuse and killing of animals is far more prevalent in households where domestic violence also occurs. Perpetrators abuse family pets to intimidate and have more control over their parents.
According to statistics the Australian animal rights association RSPCA figured out, nearly 57% of domestic violence abuse victims delay leaving to seek help, fearing if they do their pets will be harmed or killed.
The RSPCA does more than just rescue kittens. One of their programs aims to break the cycle of violence by teaching children of all ages to learn respect towards animals and to understand that they feel pain just like humans.

This 2008 campaign from RSPCA contains 3 video’s, 4 print ads and a campaign website: The RSPCA needs you.







The RSPCA needs you campaign website:


The Campaign Palace, Sydney
Additional credits:
Alex Arkapaw: DoP
Paul Fishlock: Executive Creative Director
Andrew Town: Senior Art Director
Laurie Ingram: Copywriter
Meredyth Judd: Head of Broadcast
Kaija Wall: Producer
Jacqui Gillies: Producer
Jane Liscombe: Producer)
Glendyn Ivin: Director
Prod. Co.: Exit Films
Other Credits: Sound Design: Simon Kane – Nylon
Editor: Jon Holmes – Tide Edit

Andreas Smetana: Photographer
Paul Fishlock: Executive Creative Director
Andrew Town: Art Director
Laurie Ingram: Copywriter
Thom Davy: Art Director

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