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These human statues depict a scene you wouldn’t be able to ignore

These human statues depict a scene you wouldn’t be able to ignore

If you’ve lived in a tourist-flocked city long enough, you’ve probably learned how to ignore the throng of street performers and their audience on your daily commute.

Human statues are particularly easy not to pay attention to (they won’t move unless you drop a coin in their hat) – which is why they’re the perfect feature in UNICEF’s most recent campaign to “make the invisible visible.”

“Violence against children is everywhere. But people turn a blind eye. It’s hidden behind closed doors. It’s invisible,” according to UNICEF’s #EndViolence Against Children campaign.

This video from UNICEF Uruguay shows human statues depicting emotionally charged scenes of child abuse. Posted on UNICEF’s Facebook page, its caption reads: “Watch how UNICEF Uruguay conveys a powerful message without any words. Here’s to breaking the silence.” Creative and compelling, this video has people on the streets – and on social media – finally looking at something they would otherwise ignore.

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