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This Mumbai poet beats your ears about sexism

This Mumbai poet beats your ears about sexism

We have posted a lot about campaigns on rape culture and sexual abuse. And I thought we’d have seen it all. Until I encountered this slam poetry from Mumbai based poet Aranya Johar. Wow! The horrors of sexual abuse can not be made clearer.

The poem ‘A Brown Girl’s Guide to Gender‘ is originally a message for India. It don’t need that much imagination to see it as a cross-border charge against sexism. Aranya Johar clearly explains the connection between abuse and gender inequality.

This isn’t all men thing I know. Trust me, I do.
But the men I can trust are only a few.
At the age of 12, my bra straps were sexualised
At the same time, we don’t get damn sexual rights
Founder of Osocio. It all started with collecting election posters in 1973. And that's never stopped. Read more.


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