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Traffic victim’s last Spotify playlist as poignant warning

Traffic victim’s last Spotify playlist as poignant warning

The municipality of Rotterdam developed a special traffic light in collaboration with the Willem de Kooning Academy. It is called ‘Play Attention’ what refers to danger when using a smartphone in traffic. In this case it is directly related to Tommy-Boy, a 13 year old kid who died on his bike. He was busy with music on his phone.

The installation is a traffic light with a button and a loudspeaker. As soon as a cyclist presses the bicycle button, the playlist of Tommy-Boy plays and lights up a text:

Press the button for the next track. Tommy-Boy Kulkens (13) died on the bike. He was busy with music on his phone. You are now listening to his playlist. Play Attention.

Tommy-Boy’s father Michael has revealed the traffic light. Since his son’s death, he provides information on road safety and smartphone usage. But the idea of the traffic light comes from Tom Sibma en Carlijn Bijlsma, students of the Willem de Kooning Academy in Rotterdam.

The traffic light will be in Rotterdam in the next two months, after which it travels through the Netherlands. There is also interest from abroad.

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