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Vimochan Development Society: Help her and remove that rope

Vimochan Development Society: Help her and remove that rope


Each day, some twenty Indian women are tortured, stabbed, hung or burned. That’s over 7000 dowry deaths per year.
That was the message the Vimochan Development Society wants to communicate.

The creative, made by Bhadra Communications Bangalore (India) is hung in public places, where it will not be overlooked. When the noose is removed from the girl’s neck, the full message is revealed, along with an exhortation to speak out against the evils of the dowry system. Besides car door handles, bike handlebars & tea-bag tags, it can be used in public transportation and other ambient settings like parks (on bushes in a larger format), as a bookmark in libraries.


Bhadra Communications Bangalore
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