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We breathe what we buy

We breathe what we buy

This World Wildlife Fund campaign from Singapore is about the county’s haze issue and the question of where it comes from. There is no doubt the haze is caused by burning forests in Indonesia and Malaysia for palm oil production, which is found in the products we buy every day. Three of these products are used as campaign image, a toothbrush, a pizza and lipstick.

The haze is composed of smoke particles from huge peat and vegetation fires that occur mainly in Malaysia and Indonesia and is carried by the wind over hundreds of kilometers.

It may seem that palm oil is the enemy but the oil itself isn’t bad. The problem, according to the organisation, is the large-scale use of fire, deforestation, peat drainage and land conflict.

Because the problem requires a long-term campaign WWF-Singapore has teamed up with PM Haze (People’s Movement to Stop Haze) and SIIA (Singapore Institute of International Affairs). It is supported by Kleenex, the brand which was under fire a few years ago for its environmental policy.

The collaboration is called We Breathe What We Buy, the first target is collecting 50,000 pledges.

A nice visual part of the campaign are the three animated gifs, perfect for mobile social sharing. One is shown below, two others can be found on the case page at Behance.


WWF We breathe what we buy

WWF We breathe what we buy

WWF We breathe what we buy

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  1. JM 1 year ago

    Nice concept, well executed. I certainly hope something happens in that part of the world to make the harvesting of palm oil more responsible/sustainable. Because this is ridiculous.

  2. Pete 1 month ago

    Biofuels call it whut it is doomsday biofuels.It makes the earth void of all life super fast.People can’t see but only a little of the destruction from biofuels because it destroyed a huge amount of the economy in 2008 then they started counterfeiting money hiding the death of the Earth about to happen because of biofuels.We need to finance things with real money which is Earths plants and other resorses all of which doomsday biofuels destroy super fast.People finally had everything with our living green Earth and our acumalated knowledge together for the first time ever and one of the first things they did was to force people destroy it all with biofuels.We had everything and most communism fell exsept asian communism dictatorships ending. We were about to have peace on Earth about to have love life good everything for everybody but biofuels destroyed a lot of that forever!

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