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We can’t reverse what’s happened in Syria

We can’t reverse what’s happened in Syria
We can’t reverse what’s happened in Syria

We can’t reverse what’s happened in Syria

In reverse, in a campaign video it’s possible. Not in Syria. But we can change how the story ends in the country with the huge amount of civilian casualties.
Martin Stirling, the director behind The Most Shocking Second A Day brings us this heartbreaking but hopeful message.

With the death toll close to 200,000 Syria is now the most dangerous place in the world. While ISIS have seized headlines, the story of this massacre is not making the news.

Martin Stirling: “I really had no choice about whether or not to make this film. I was swamped by a couple of projects and I tried my best to walk away but found it impossible. Whenever I thought about not making this film I was haunted by the images and stories I had come across in preparation for the Most Shocking Second A Day Video earlier in the year. This film felt like an appropriate follow up to that first one – it was creatively and stylistically different in a way which would hopefully capture the attention of a wide audience and the hearts of influential policy makers.”

With the UN General Assembly next week the world’s leading NGOs: Oxfam, Save the Children, Care, Amnesty and 100s more under the #WithSyria coalition, have teamed up to draw attention to this silent massacre. A petition asking the UN Security Council to take next steps to protect civilians can be signed at

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