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What Goes Around Comes Around

What Goes Around Comes Around



New York based agency Big Ant International have won a Gold Pencil for Design (Public Service Poster) at the One Show Design Awards with their work for Global Coalition for Peace. Four posters were designed to wrap around poles, campaigning for an end to the war in Iraq.
Absolute brilliant use of the media and the message.

“What Goes Around Comes Around. Stop the Iraq War.”







Global Coalition for Peace
Big Ant International, New York
Additional credits:
Creative director: Alfred S. Park
Associate creative director: Frank Anselmo
Art director: Jeseok Yi
Copywriters: Francisco Hui and William Tran
The Inspiration Room Daily

Founder of Osocio. It all started with collecting election posters in 1973. And that's never stopped. Read more.


  1. Jessica 8 years ago

    Absolute genius 🙂

  2. Bashar Alaeddin 8 years ago

    Amazing concept!!!

  3. unregistered 8 years ago

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  4. Bob 8 years ago

    Pardon the pun, but that assignment was like shotting fish in a barrel.

  5. lu cury 8 years ago

    sen-sa-cio-nal!! cheers from brazil

  6. CarlosRico 8 years ago


  7. Maurao 8 years ago

    Great Job! The staff of our Italian btl agency really appreciated the simplicity and effectiveness of such a message.

    Cheers from Rome.

  8. priscilla andrade 8 years ago

    the best advertisement of all time.

  9. Sujay 8 years ago

    Really a perfect meaning of the sentence:)

  10. Timo 5 years ago


    Where to find these posters?
    I would like to glue them!


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