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What if there was a cigarette warning impossible to ignore?

What if there was a cigarette warning impossible to ignore?

Agency Publicis Brasil guided this video with this Buzzfeed-like line:

Every smoker ignores the warnings about cigarette smoking. Roberto is one of them. One day he went to buy cigarettes, but what he found was as surprising as emotional.

It is what they say about this social experiment, very emotional indeed. Really interesting is the campaign website where possible future bereaved can make there own warning sign. I’m very curious about the figures. How often it is used and what is the impact? Because until now the only effective method in behaviour change is a significant price increase. Reducing the number of smokers going slow and new ideas are therefore welcome.

What if there was a cigarette warning impossible to ignore?

Agency: Publicis Brasil
Creative Direction: Hugo Rodrigues, Kevin Zung, Antônio Correa, Luis Felipe Figueiredo
Art Direction: Vitor Hildebrand
Copywriter: Felipe “Fefito” Barbosa
Briefing: Thaís Azevedo, Carol Poppi
Media: Andréa Veronezi, Raquel Mattoso, Karina Lima
PR: Paula Ganem e Rebeca Serpa
RTVC: Tato Bono e Camila Ximenes
Art Buyer: Selma Momosse
Production: CentoeOnze Filmes
Film Direction: Marcelo Presotto
Photografy Direction: Guilherme Ribeiro e Thiago Antonovas
Post-Production: Marcelo Presotto e CentoeOnze Filmes
Finalizing: Marcelo Presotto e CentoeOnze Filmes
Sound Production: ENoise

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  1. Neil Hopkins 2 years ago

    An interesting approach here – makes me think of some road safety work from a couple of years ago which had the same premise, only for speeding ( I think).

    Will the behavior change messaging scale though? And who is the audience – those who smoke or the people around them seeking an empowering idea to make them aware of the impact of their behavior?

    Good work but I am not sure on the scalability and universal salience.

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