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Whistles for Whistleblowers

Whistles for Whistleblowers

Chelsea Manning Whistles for Whistleblowers

This is very well executed fundraising campaign made for the German section of Reporters Without Borders from earlier this year.
The idea is simple: buy a whistle to support the work of organisation for whistleblowers like Chelsea Manning and Edward Snowdon.

“Whistleblowers pay a high price for the freedom of information. Yours is 6€.”

The whistles are for sale on the campaign website.

If you really want to criticize the campaign, then you can say that it is a worthless gadget. It will go away in a drawer, or worse, in the garbage. However, the symbol is relevant. And funny too.

Whistles for Whistleblowers

Whistles for Whistleblowers

Edward Snowden Whistles for Whistleblowers

Katharine Gun Whistles for Whistleblowers

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