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Would you recognise your family if they were homeless?

Would you recognise your family if they were homeless?

The New York City Rescue Mission – an organisation that provides support to people in crisis in New York City – has developed an emotive campaign that brings homelessness a little closer to, well, home.

In this compelling video produced by ad agency Silver + Partners and Smuggler for the Make Them Visible campaign, a social experiment tests whether a group of people would recognise their own family who were made to look and seem like homeless on the street.

For everyone that participated, the answer is: no – not even for the man who glanced at his “homeless” wife of 34 years.

The participants are then told what happened; all of them are shocked. “One person didn’t make it into the film because they couldn’t handle the fact that they walked by their family,” says video director Jun Diaz in an interview.

The tearful revelation is followed by the message, “Change how you see the homeless.” I think it’s high time we do – they are someone else’s family, after all.

New York City Rescue Mission: Would you recognise your family if they were homeless

New York City Rescue Mission
Silver + Partners

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