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You all are going to read this copy

You all are going to read this copy

Even old fashioned print ads can be good in this digital era. It’s what a commenter on Ads of the World says about these ads from the MS Society of Western Australia:

Good Proof enough that copy heavy ads can make you read from A to Z…

It’s typographic storytelling about the horror of Multiple Sclerosis. Done in a way that the viewer can feel the pain. And with a smart pay off:

Every person with MS has their own story. With your help we can tell a better one.

MS Society of Western Australia: John

MS Society of Western Australia: Maddy

MS Society of Western Australia: Donna


Via Ads of the World
Agency: The Brand Agency, Perth, Australia
Creative Director: Craig Buchanan
Art Director: David Donald
Copywriters: Steve Straw, Kat Mercer
Illustrators: Cristina Guitian, Asphyxia Victoria / Mydeadpony
Account Director: Emma Kerman

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