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TED ‘Ads Worth Spreading’ Winners Announced: Rethink Breast Cancer Takes Social Good Category

Posted by Ana Yoerg | 29-02-2012 21:25 | Category: News


TED, the now-legendary group that popularized short-form talks on innovative ideas in Technology, Education, and Design, announced the winners of their annual contest.

Ads Worth Spreading 2011, which opened submissions last fall, recognizes creative work that inspires people to watch, share and learn. This year, judges included industry experts, TED speakers and other adland advocates. They were charged with looking for work that broke the mold of traditional advertising through more involved storytelling, reported Creativity Magazine.

This year’s winner in the Social Good category was the Rethink Breast Cancer campaign (see Osocio coverage “A new spin on sexualizing breast cancer marketing”).

In addition to being featured across TED.com, YouTube blogs and social media, the teams behind the winning ads will be honored at a special celebration co-hosted by TED and YouTube, which will take place in March at the Art Director’s Club in New York City, Mashable writes.

But does the advertising world care? There are certainly plenty of awards events in our space… do we really need another one? As Brian Shin observed last year in Ad Age, over half of the 10 Ads Worth Spreading winners in 2010 hadn’t reached 1 million views in online video. He writes:

To put this into perspective, Evian’s Live Young campaign generates over 1 million views each week. What could account for this lack in views? If these ads are truly some of the best creative work around, voted on by a panel of industry experts, honored by TED, reported on by the New York Times, Ad Age and others, and more, how is it possible they haven’t cracked the 1 million view threshold?

In today’s fast-paced media environment, where YouTube gains two day’s worth of video content every minute, great creative is no longer enough. It’s a critical component to be sure, but as we see with TED’s Ads Worth Spreading spots, you can’t bring a pretty knife to a gun fight.

The secret is that you need media to promote these big ideas…

When it comes to telling big stories across broad and beautiful canvasses, the ideal environment is social video advertising. Social video advertising puts audiences in control of their content, allowing them to decide what’s important, what’s worthwhile, what’s relevant. Social video advertising sparks inspiration, opening a path to evangelism that transforms the curious consumer into a committed brand advocate. This is the world of Earned Media, where brands no longer force impressions on potential audiences, but encourage them to become partners in spreading their big ideas.

This is the environment in which TED’s Ads Worth Spreading live and the spirit in which they were created. Such great creative executions and ideas deserve more views, more advocates, and more earned media. They deserve to be chosen.

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