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  • Columbia_Billboard_in_Santiago

    The Air that Cools your Home Heats Up the World

    The outdoor clothier outfit Columbia teamed up with Prolam Y&R to decorate the façade of a newly refurbished building in Santiago, Chile, with the image above.  Translated into English, the headline reads “The air that cools your home heats up the world.”  Columbia belongs to the Conservation Alliance, whose website describes their corporate tag-team as “a group of specialty outdoor […]
  • graphicalliance-gr

    You are not alone

    If you think the design industry shouldn’t be about turning profits for companies you can’t respect… If you would rather speak for a better tomorrow than help sell stuff you wouldn’t buy… If you would believe ethics and sustainability trump quarterly gains… You are not alone. Join the Graphic Alliance (via)
  • Who would you nominate for Unlikely Alliance?

    The people of the WE campaign ask you to nominate suggestion for the Unlikely Alliance. Give them your ideas for two people who disagree on everything, but might agree on the need to solve the climate crisis. Some of the suggestions submitted so far: Donald Trump and Rosie O’Donnell Angelina Jolie and Jennifer Aniston Bill Gates and Steve Jobs New […]
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