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A great use of the #lolcats trends with the French Red Cross
“Oh that’s so cute !” That’s generally the reaction you have when you see a kitten picture on the web. Kittens, lolcats and other cute animals have invaded the web and they are great weapons to generate audience on your website or views on youtube. Advertising and marketing people have…

Author: Aurélia Courtot
Where: Osocio Weblog
Advertiser: French Red Cross
Category: Articles, Health, Social aid
Date: 1-08-2012 11:01

Here is a very unique project. Watever emotions it’ll generate, it can’t leave you cold. This project is an amazing documentary ( I can’t say about handicap question because it would be too much simplistic) named « Mirror of my soul ».   All you have to do is browse…

Author: Aurélia Courtot
Where: Osocio Weblog
Agency: E&H LAB
Category: Ableism, Culture, Discrimination
Date: 11-10-2011 17:54

Pictures of a terrible reality shake the Cannes Lions
There is a proof that the shockvertising isn’t dead yet. This campaign of Bund, a German NGO is very hard, but direct and simple and, to my mind, efficient. Besides, the Cannes Lions jury has been touched by this creation and has awarded it a gold lion to the press…

Author: Aurélia Courtot
Where: Osocio Weblog
Advertiser: Bund
Agency: Scholz & Friends Berlin
Category: Animal rights, Awards, Environment
Date: 29-06-2011 09:39

Welcome to the Happy World!
That sounds like a Disney attraction, but in reality Happy World is a vision about « the dictatorship of the absurd » in Burma. It’s a real original, innovating and attractive video experiment which uses humor and a sarcastic tone to spread the difficulty for Burmeses living under the oppression…

Author: Aurélia Courtot
Where: Osocio Weblog
Advertiser: Happy World
Category: Activism, Human rights, Politics
Date: 21-06-2011 13:08

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