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Break barriers for disability: Don’t diss my ability to me

Posted by Marc van Gurp | 18-05-2014 09:30 | Stories | Category: Ableism

This video is one of the outcomes part of a branding and communication strategy for One Family People. Who is One Family People? Where do they stand for? What is their story? It is developed to promote their story - both locally and internationally.
One Family People want to break barriers for people with disability. This video, Breaking Barriers, is the story from Sierra Leone.

“At One Family People we want to break barriers for people with disability. If those barriers are not broken there is no how we can have an inclusive society. There is no how our country can prosper.” - Hadiatou Diallo, senior program manager

Breaking Barriers is also the story of Salay, a young woman who never gave up. She developed her leadership skills and use it as a teacher. With a lot of music from The Walpoleans involved.

The video is made by BrandOutLoud. It is their desire to innovate and push the boundaries of visual, multi-media storytelling. Visualise to persuade for successful communication.

This production was commissioned by One Family People, in collaboration with ICDI, Liliane Fonds and BrandOutLoud Foundation.


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