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La Santa Cecilia Wins Grammy for 11 Million Undocumented in USA

Posted by Monica Brasov-Curca | 28-01-2014 23:03 | Stories | Category: Activism, Discrimination, Human rights, Politics

2014 Grammys had many surprises…For the 11 million undocumented people living in the United States of America, La Santa Cecilia winning the Grammy for best Crossover Album was the the best one of all.

La Santa Cecilia, named after the Catholic Patron Saint of music, won the grammy for the album “Treinta Dias”  The group is most loved for their songs on immigration issues and the immigrant experience as the one shown above called “El Hielo (ICE).”  Although the melodic song carries a soft Caribbean beat the words are a haunting outcry against the 1,400 deportations that happen daily across the USA.  The song is part of the #NOT1MORE by NDLON which collaborates between individuals, organizations, artists, and allies to expose, confront, and overcome unjust immigration laws.

La Santa Cecilia Wins Grammy for 11 Million Undocumented in USA


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