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Posted by Marc van Gurp | 14-12-2013 13:45 | Stories | Category: Elder Issues

“So what shall we talk about at the present? How good it is.”

This short film from Director Eliot Rausch is an amazing and heartbreaking piece of work about the early stages of Alzheimer’s disease.
Talking about this terrible disease is difficult. There is no cure. It’s a grueling process to the point of death.
And what the man says in the film: “When you lose your memory you lose yourself”.

See the Behind the Scenes after the break.


Director / Editor / Eliot Rausch
Producer / Preston Lee
Executive Producer / Phyllis Koenig + Mark Schwartz
Young Boy / Jonathan Woolsey
Young Girl /  Caitland Woolsey
Cinematography / Chayse Irvin
1st AC / Jake Bianco
Steadicam / Brandon Whiteside
Line Producer / Adam Litt
Location Scout / Jeff McSpadden
Composer / Adam Taylor

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