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Sikh Woman Grows Beard and Gets In Touch With Her Feminity

Posted by VITAMIN W | 10-05-2014 15:11 | Stories | Category:

Harnaam Kaur has polycystic ovary syndrome, which causes excessive hair growth. And at 23, she loves it.
After years of self-harm, being bullied by classmates, and trying waxes and shaving creams to rid herself of the hair, she made a decision to grow out her facial and chest hair.

She’s never felt more feminine, and is not swayed by the criticism and even death threats.
The primary school teaching assistant is so confident and content with her appearance, she has even been baptized as a Sikh – a religion where it is forbidden to cut body hair.
Watch her story, even though we’re not fans of the YouTube title, “Bearded Lady.”

Originally posted at VITAMIN W.


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