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Trail Therapy

Posted by Marc van Gurp | 26-02-2014 22:00 | Stories | Category: Drugs, Social aid

This is the story of Steve Fugate. He lost his son in 1999 to suicide. A few years later he lost his daughter to a drug overdose.

He has walked across the United States seven times to raise awareness for depression and suicide and to inspire people he meets to “love life.”
After fourteen years and 34,000 miles of walking he still goes on.

Follow him on his website and Facebook Page.

Film by Cyrus Sutton
Sound Design by Hugh Sandys
Production Korduroy

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Wat een bijzonder levensverhaal. Moeilijk om de ogen droog te houden terwijl het filmpje doorrolt. Bedankt voor het delen van deze video.

Posted by Marjolein | 27-02-2014 17:11

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