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Shameful campaign about fat, black, bald and ruddy people

Posted by Marc van Gurp | 10-03-2014 16:30 | Category: Discrimination, Women's Issues

Equal Pay Day: Fat people should earn less.

This is the yearly campaign from the Belgian Zij-kant.
The translation explains it all:
“Fat people should earn less.”

Smaller copy at the bottom:
“You think this is outrageous for fat people. Why not for women?”
“Women still earn 21% less than men.”

The video below is in Dutch, the idea is the same as in the print ad.
The three other campaign items are about black, bald and ruddy people. And women.
See them after the break.

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Mysterious campaign lets politicians do Aloha!

Posted by Marc van Gurp | 20-02-2014 20:30 | Category: Environment, Politics, Developing World

België is geen eiland. De wereldproblemen zijn ook de onze. Belgium is not an island., The world's problems are ours. Challenge our politicians to look beyond borders.

On 18 February 175 mysterious election signs appeared in 130 municipalities in Flanders. With posters of the party chairmen of the five largest political parties. In Aloha outfit! But Why?

That became clear on February 19, when the party leaders were plastered with the slogan “Belgium is not an island., The world’s problems are ours. Challenge our politicians to look beyond borders.”
The campaign led to speculation on social media. And became trending topic. The sender turned out to be the Flemish North-South Movement 11.11.11.

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Discover the first brothel for cats

Posted by Marc van Gurp | 29-01-2014 17:00 | Category: Animal rights

GAIA: Discover the first brothel for cats

This new campaign of the Belgian GAIA is about the fact that too many cats end up in a shelter. 30.000 a year in Belgium.
Therefore, the organization comes with a world premiere: a brothel for cats. In reality it is an animated projection of typical window brothels in the red light district

An animation that comes to life in front of unsuspecting passers-by: “Cats have too many sex partners. Avoid unwanted kittens, let your cat neutered.”
The comparison of pregnancy and brothels is not quite right. It is at best a metaphor for wild sex life with a lot of changing contacts.

The projection will take place every evening between 17h and 21h30, from January 28 to February 1, 2014, on the southern facade of the Crowne Plaza in Brussels. Digital surfers can also walk through the red light district of the cats on the Gaia website.

Projected text on the Crowne Plaza: “Cats have too many sex partners. Avoid unwanted kittens, let your cat spayed.”

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Watch what happens when a Gran Turismo champion starts racing drunk

Posted by Marc van Gurp | 20-01-2014 11:00 | Category: Drugs, Road safety

Responsible Young Drivers: Watch what happens when a Gran Turismo champion starts racing drunk

Watch what happens when a Gran Turismo champion starts racing drunk.
It’s what you expect. It may seem obvious but the comments on YouTube are sometimes shocking:

- They have to fake it, the “gamer” play a role and do not play the game, it think he can get first place with 1 promille, but he wont be so fast.
- How can this be real he only has 0.9 Promille wtf is that ?
- I guess it was his first drink ever. so lame.

There are also positive reactions and it is even discussed. On a platform where it belongs.

Video is from the Belgium Responsible Young Drivers.

“You can’t restart life
Don’t drink and drive”

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Amnesty International advertises the clumsy way because Superheroes don’t exist

Posted by Marc van Gurp | 19-12-2013 21:45 | Category: Fundraising, Human rights

Amnesty International: Superheroes don't exist

This new campaign made by agency AIR breaks with the communication standards of Amnesty International. No dramatic and dark message. Just simple, light and playful.
But the question is still the same: buy a candle.

Very funny!

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If Only For a Second

Posted by Tatjana Vukic | 15-12-2013 19:28 | Category: Health

“You know what I miss the most ? being carefree.” .. This sentence inspired the french Cancer Foundation “Mimi Foundation” for a project titled “If only for a second”. Together with the advertising agency Leo Burnett, France, they launched an initiative for a photo project: 20 cancer patients were invited into a studio. With makeup and a wig, they should get a whole new appearance and smiling faces instead of sad, serious or melancholy faces..


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Click, drag, select and donate #Haiyan

Posted by Marc van Gurp | 26-11-2013 21:00 | Category: Fundraising

haiyan2121 fundraising

This is new fundraising idea as far as I know.
In light of the recent events in the Philippines, the Belgian 12-12 Consortium, a collective of 5 major humanitary organisations, adopted a new mode of donation that doesn’t only makes helping easier, but also a little more tangible. On haiyan2121.be, a website developed by mortierbrigade, donations become visible instantaneously after they’re made. Users click and drag along a map of the destructed area and “rebuild” the selected area by donating. The larger the selected area, the larger the corresponding sum.

The donation is then immediately processed by the 12-12 Consortium and the piece of the map permanently transforms into a reconstructed area.

haiyan2121 fundraising

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PSA installation literally stops youth from driving drunk

Posted by Tom Megginson | 23-05-2013 15:56 | Category: Road safety


Now here’s a publicity stunt that gets attention:

The very first parking barrier that doesn’t work with a ticket or chip, but with an alcohol test. You actually have to blow safe for it to open. If you drank too much alcohol the barrier stays closed and you can’t leave the parking lot.

The alcohol barrier made its first appearance at Belgium’s most famous club ‘Carré’, during the weekend of its 22nd anniversary.

Other clubs and organizers of music events will install an alcohol barrier too.


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La Poule au Pot

Posted by Marc van Gurp | 14-04-2012 22:30 | Category: Animal rights


This is the new campaign from GAIA, the Belgium animal rights organization. GAIA stands for Global Action in the Interest of Animals.
The campaign is a call to all supermarkets and manufacturers. The organization wants them not to use eggs from battery hens in the production of sauces, biscuits, pasta, ice cream etc.
Tagline: “Are you sure you do not eat eggs from battery hens?”
(”Êtes-vous certain de ne pas manger d’œufs de batterie?”

The campaign contains two items, a print part and an online part. In both a visual is used to express how small a battery cage is.
A jar of mayonnaise filled with a chicken is used on the posters and magazine ad.
More surprising is the campaign website. It’s your screen which is just as large as a battery cage.

GAIA - La Poule au Pot

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What to do in case of a nuclear accident?

Posted by Marc van Gurp | 15-03-2011 21:34 | Category: Environment, Government, Health



It’s a coincidence this new campaign from the Belgium government about the risks of a nuclear accident. It has nothing to do with the situation in Japan right now. But how ironic, the accident at the nuclear power plant Fukushima couldn’t happen on a better moment for this campaign.
The campaign started yesterday 14 March and will end at 16 april.

With the 2011 campaign, Home Affairs wishes to further improve the civilians’ coping ability in case of a nuclear incident affecting the Belgian territory. The authorities want to sharpen the risk awareness and simultaneously make iodine tablets available for people who live or work in a nuclear emergency planning zone.

Specific attention goes out to the protection of children, also before they are born (pregnant women): families with children, pregnant women and collectivities of children such as day care centres, crèches and schools.

Iodine tablets are preventively put at the disposal of households and collectivities in a zone of 20 km around the nuclear sites in Belgium and around the sites near the country’s borders.

See the campaign video here (in Dutch). (In French)
The video isn’t available for embedding right now.

Update: here is the video.

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