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Looking back from 2024: 10 years Robin Hood Tax

Posted by Marc van Gurp | 18-02-2014 21:15 | Category: Environment, Politics, Poverty, Developing World

Looking back from 2024: 10 years Robin Hood Tax

2024: Andrew Lincoln (The Walking Dead), Bill Nighy (Love Actually), Clémence Poésy (Harry Potter), Heike Makatsch (The Book Thief) and Javier Cámara (Bad Education) look back and discuss the success of 10 years Robin Hood Tax.
Robin Hood Tax is a simple idea. 0.05% tax on every financial transaction. Will be used for the battle against poverty and climate change.

More about the Robin Hood tax and other taxes:
- Yeah!! We pay taxes
- People for Corporate Tax Cuts
- 0.05% is such a difficult birth
- The Robin Hood Tax: Tights, Camera, Action

Via @charitychick

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Sport can change everything

Posted by Marc van Gurp | 3-02-2014 15:20 | Category: Drugs, Sport, Violence

Sported, Sport can change everything

Sport can change everything. Just like crime and drugs.
It’s an mental thing, That’s why you see three identical images in this new campaign from Sported.

Sported is a charity that helps disadvantaged youths escape a world of drugs and crime by getting them involved in sport, putting them on the right path in life. It’s not about turning them into sports stars. It’s about giving them the life skills to take a positive step forward. To raise awareness of Sported’s work, they wanted to demonstrate the transformative power that sport has on these at-risk kids.

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The story of Shauna after she got out of prison

Posted by Marc van Gurp | 26-01-2014 14:45 | Stories | Category: Social aid, Violence

Shauna was caught up with the wrong crowd and had to spend in jail for two and a half years. Her story examples the pressures many young females face to hold firearms within urban gang culture.
Together with criminal justice charity User Voice, she attempts to use her experiences as a force for change after missing out on some of the best years of her life.

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Purposely Homeless

Posted by Marc van Gurp | 8-01-2014 15:30 | Stories | Category: Homelessness

This is the story about Richard, a travelling piano tuner who chooses to live outdoors.

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The morning after slur

Posted by Marc van Gurp | 23-12-2013 17:10 | Category: Road safety

THINK! The morning after

Or how a talking head can be very effective. With slurring words in this case.
This new campaign video from THINK! highlights the fact that many people can still be over the legal limit to drive the morning after drinking. The ad features a sober-looking man who talks about how his body is still over the limit the day after an evening of drinking, landing the message that to your body, the morning after is still the night before.

See also the video of a young lady who crashed her car over the limit ‘the morning after’.
It’s in our new directory about visual storytelling Osocio: Stories.

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‘The morning after’ going out drinking

Posted by Marc van Gurp | 23-12-2013 17:00 | Stories | Category: Road safety

This is a story of a young lady who crashed her car ‘the morning after’ going out drinking.
The short documentary is made for the award winning drink drive campaign dontbethatsomeone.co.uk

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Campaign against “gay” as a slur is simply excellent #GetOverIt

Posted by Tom Megginson | 18-11-2013 15:52 | Category: Human rights


I love this poster, and so will all my writer and editor friends. It skewers trolls, bullies, and other tools not just for their attitudes, but also for the general ignorance that often goes along with the hate speech.

It’s part of a series by Stonewall, “The Lesbian, Gay and Bisexual Charity” in the UK.

From the campaign description at stonewall.org:

One of the best ways to tackle homophobic language is to make young people reflect on their use of the word ‘gay’. ‘Stonewall’s ‘Gay. Let’s get over it posters!’ are designed to do just that. The posters deliberately challenge pupils’ assumptions that it’s okay or cool to use homophobic language and encourage young people to think about why they use the word gay in the way that they do.

Since this campaign is intended for school use, Stonewall has also produced guides for teachers and students. They are encouraging people to share the campaign with the hashtag #GetOverIt.

See the rest of the campaign below:



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Body Image After Breast Cancer - simply, beautifully, human #pinkverts

Posted by Tom Megginson | 31-10-2013 01:20 | Category: Pinkverts

My maternal grandmother was killed by cancer when I was 7 years old. One of the fuzzy memories I have of her sickness was playing in the back of her car and finding a some sort of prosthetic breast among the jumble of stuff in the back seat. I asked about it, and the subject was quickly changed.

That was the 1970s. Cancer was a word one never said in anything but hushed tones. It was a death sentence, and almost seemed to hold the stigma that infectious diseases have. Perhaps that’s why I have such a conflicted relationship with cancer campaigns, particularly in October.

This campaign is one of the good ones. Breast Cancer Care UK is not one asking for money for “the cure”, or even for prevention. It is simply a support network for every person facing a breast cancer diagnosis.


This campaign features three women and tells the stories of how they have overcome challenges to their self-esteem and body image following mastectomies. It isn’t “sexy” or even necessarily heroic. It is simply, beautifully, human.

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Get your hands on rowing hunks against homophobia

Posted by Marc van Gurp | 24-10-2013 22:00 | Category: Discrimination, Fundraising, Gender issues


For ladies only. And men only. The Warwick Rowing’s Men’s Naked Calendar is back for 2014 to combat bullying & homophobia.
The campaign was for raising money preparing to shoot the 2014 calendar. Campaign is closed because they reached the goal. What a surprise!

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App attempts to fight sexting with “memes”

Posted by Tom Megginson | 24-10-2013 21:36 | Category: Abuse


It seems like something an adult would come up with:

“Sexting is bad, mmkay? So why don’t you shut down that naked selfie request with one of our amusingly captioned pics?”

That’s exactly how Zipit, by Childline UK, works.

According to Childline:

Zipit helps you get flirty chat back on the right track. It’s packed with killer comebacks and top tips to help you stay in control of your chat game.
- Save images onto your device and share them with your friends!
- Share images on Facebook, Twitter, BBM or via email
- Find out how to deal with a sexting crisis
- Get advice to help you flirt without failing
- Call ChildLine or save the number to your phone


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