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Native American group calls out FedEx for Redskins sponsorship

Posted by Tom Megginson | 18-09-2014 19:07 | Category: Discrimination

Native American group calls out FedEx for Redskins sponsorship.

Artist and filmmaker Steven Paul Judd stars in this short parody of a FedEx commercial, intended to shame a major corporate sponsor of the controversial Washington Redskins NFL team:

Not the most subtle of satire, its point is pretty clear: Why do so many Americans have a different standard for derogatory portrayals of Native Americans than they do for other minority groups?

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Why a Brazilian football team played with an inverted jersey and no one noticed

Posted by Marc van Gurp | 6-06-2014 20:40 | Category: Discrimination, Sport

Brazilian football team Botafogo inverted the colors of its jersey in the battle against racism.

Due to the increasing racism, Brazilian football club Botafogo inverted the colors of its traditional jersey. It was striped black and white for over 100 years. And the club, together with Puma, announced that they would take the field with a special jersey. After great expectations came the surprise which no one noticed.

The take the field with an inverted shirt that was black and white also. And unfurled a banner reading:
“If you didn’t notice the invertered jersey, it’s because color makes no difference at all.”

Brazilian football team Botafogo inverted the colors of its jersey in the battle against racism.

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In England they hook into the World Cup with iconic blood

Posted by Marc van Gurp | 22-05-2014 18:30 | Category: Health, Sport

NHS Blood and Transplant. Lee Dixon as Terry Butcher.

The British NHS Blood and Transplant is asking new and existing donors to give blood and be part of the Greatest Team in the World to help maintain healthy blood stocks for patients throughout the busy summer months.

The number of people donating blood often falls during the summer and this year’s football World Cup may present even more of a distraction. During a previous international football tournament, the number of blood donations collected on England football match days fell by up to 5%, and up to 12% on the day following an England match.

To help raise awareness of the ongoing need for blood, former England footballer Lee Dixon and sports presenter Adrian Chiles have recreated iconic football images. Adrian Chiles has imitated Stuart Pearce’s famous penalty celebration during the Euro ‘96 quarter-final shoot-out against Spain at Wembley. Lee Dixon has reinvented himself as Terry Butcher who memorably played on, despite an injury, during the 1989 World Cup Qualifier in Stockholm.

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Football is priceless, literally

Posted by Marc van Gurp | 21-12-2013 09:45 | Category: Sport

A Game of Numbers

Kris Hofman tells the story of the big business Premier League Football. And how is has become a destructive financial imbalance between the mega wealthy stars of the game and their fans. What was once a real working man’s game, is unaffordable to many fans.

It is told with a set of custom illustrated football playing cards that feature drawings of the men and women who ‘make’ the game.
The film was originally directed for the NY Times.

More work from Kris Hofman:
- The Feminism issue: Aftermath
- The food we eat has a story to tell
- The London Olympics: Vote your Greenwash Gold

Kris Hofman website here.

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Table football fundraising

Posted by Marc van Gurp | 5-09-2013 21:29 | Category: Fundraising, Sport, Developing World

MISEREOR Africa Kicker

The relief organisation MISEREOR is always looking for new ways to promote its, “2 Euros Help” initiative. Table Football for Africa is an interactive donation box in the form of a table football game.

The 2 Euro donation goes directly towards promoting sports for children and young people in Rwanda and South Africa. A facebook app spread word of the campaign on the social web with a ticker and live stream, drawing attention to the initiative and encouraging more giving.

When players log-on to their facebook profile, their friends can follow the game with the live-ticker and, using a special pin-board, make their own donations online. An integrated camera also broadcasts every game, live on Facebook.
Companies can rent the Table Football.

More at Africa Kicker.

More campaigns from MISEREOR:
- Move it with €2
- Courage in action - Mut zu Taten
- Falling letters
- Drive the Mobilombo
- War leaves many scars

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A football field deforested by the WWF

Posted by Simon Beyrand | 7-04-2013 16:28 | Category: Environment

The equivalent of a football field of forest is clear-cut every 4 minutes in Brazil. Do we actually care when we’re watching a game on TV? Certainly not, so the WWF broke the habit.


Last December, a very special event happened during a women’s football game between Brazil and Denmark. In 4 minutes, the green playing field gradually turned into a burned colour to raise awareness about deforestation (data visualization system).

In the end, an explaining message came out on TV screens, followed up with a call for donations. The idea is just brilliant. The message, extremely powerful.

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Football is more than a game

Posted by Marc van Gurp | 9-12-2011 16:57 | Category: Sport

I love this and believe in this. It is how sport, and in this case football, can help change movements.
The video is a promo from streetfootballworld. They supports a worldwide network of organisations that use football as a tool to empower disadvantaged young people by engaging private and public partners to create social change.

No sport in the world generates as much passion as football.  Football brings young people into social development programmes—and keeps them there.  Football also gets people from all walks of life speaking the same universal language.  Establishing common ground is streetfootballworld’s first step toward uniting the global community around a shared goal.

“It takes a team to win a game” is the title of the video. And indeed it is great way to work on change as a team.
streetfootballworld has won Schwab Foundations Social Entrepreneur of the Year 2011 and was recently awarded with the 2011 UEFA Monaco Charity Award.
Images in this trailer are taken from The Street and the Rag Ball. A film by Ciro Cappellari.

“Football is more than a game, it is how we changing this world.”

streetfootballworld: Football is more than a game

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Pick up the football, put down the porn

Posted by Tom Megginson | 6-02-2011 14:36 | Category: Religion

It’s Super Bowl Sunday. Everyone knows that. But you may not know that it is also Porn Sunday.

Porn Sunday is an initiative of Las Vegas pastor Craig Gross, of XXXCHURCH.COM (also known as “X3”).


X3 is a faith-based crusade to help men (and women) get over addiction to pornography, which is a personal mission for Gross. He calls it “The #1 most destructive force in our culture”, and following Christian tradition he ministers to the fallen. He is known for attending adult industry conventions and distributing Bibles to the performers with his message that “Jesus Loves Porn Stars”. CNN reports that he also ministers to convicted child pornographers in prison.

The purpose of National Porn Sunday, according to X3, is to raise awareness about the issue and challenge men to quit consuming pornography on game day. Gross recruited some NFL players to produce an infomercial-length PSA:

National Porn Sunday Talk from XXXchurch on Vimeo.

X3 also offers several products to help porn addicts quit, including internet browser monitoring software, online seminars, and branded merchandise.

Yes, it’s weird. And perhaps uniquely American in its love-hate relationship with sexuality, and the the commercial style of its religion. But the man has a genuine fire in his belly:

“Any Christian man or woman who is engaging in sexual immorality of any kind is a person in conflict. Often it starts by viewing pseudo-pornography-things like modeling sites, chat sites, personal homepages, and other sites that often contain seductive images, but may not be classified as pornography.

Very quickly this kind of online behavior can spiral down to a place where these images don’t cut it anymore. At this point the viewer begins to “need” more intense images to be stimulated. Often you will hear someone who has gotten addicted say, ‘I have no idea how I got here; it started so innocently.’ Pornography is both very alluring and very addictive. Sexual addiction along with pornography addiction are issues that face many people these days. The websites that are distributing the material are designed to draw in the viewer, dangle free content and easy sign-ups-in an attempt to capture a new user.


If your life is being controlled by your sexual desires and activities, instead of YOU being in control of them, then you have a sexual addiction. Studies have shown that ninety-nine percent of all masturbation involves lust and mental fantasy, which disconnects you from real relationships with real people.

If you sent a bottle of vodka to every home in America every week for a year, you would no doubt have a whole wave of alcoholics. The Internet has created a wave of pornography addicts with its pervasive porn delivery mechanism.”

More videos after the break.


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Fascism and football don’t match

Posted by Marc van Gurp | 14-05-2007 21:51 | Category: Politics, Sport, Violence

football resistance

New poster from footballresistance.com, a volunteer project where ad agency BBDO Paris is involved.

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Stop racism from invading football

Posted by Marc van Gurp | 1-07-2006 20:13 | Category: Discrimination, Human rights, Sport


Stop racism from from invading football
The world cup will not make forget racism that also lives in football stadiums. Do not yield to racism in football. Do a simple gesture, it will be the symbol of your opposition, the gesture of opposition.
Please visit:


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