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Knitting is the new sex without a condom

Posted by Marc van Gurp | 20-10-2014 11:20 | Category: Health

AIDES: No Condom, No Sex, just knitting.

AIDES, the well known French organisation, is doing remarkable Aids awareness campaigns for many years. Mostly they target specific groups like the gay community and youth. With their new campaign which is launched today they speak to all sexual active.
No condom? You better go knit.

The new campaign includes four films with accompanying print. They are named ‘Pea’, ‘Knitting’, ‘Pearls’ and ‘Puzzle’, evocative names that reveal what the long winter nights can look like….without a condom.

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You eat what you dump

Posted by Marc van Gurp | 2-07-2014 20:45 | Category: Environment

Surfrider Foundation: When we pollute the ocean, we pollute ourselves.

Three gorgeous ads from the Surfrider Foundation about the fact that when we pollute the ocean we pollute ourselves.
Illustrator: Pieter van Eenoge.

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Hard-hitting Animation About Killing Aid Workers

Posted by Marc van Gurp | 25-03-2014 22:00 | Category: Developing World, Peace & Conflicts

Action Contra La Faim: Protect Aid Workers

Action Contra La Faim: Protect Aid Workers

On August 4th 2006 in Sri Lanka, seventeen ACF (Action Contra La Faim) International humanitarian aid workers were assassinated, in the midst of the violent outbreaks in the city of Muttur.
Following this attack, ACF International had to bring an end to its work in Sri Lanka. We wrote about it before in 2012 and January this year.

TBWA\PARIS now made a third campaign about the same killing as known as the Muttur crime. The film illustrates the dramatic consequences of a crime against humanitarian aid workers.
It is released this week because the 25ème United Nations Human Rights Council meets in Geneva to examine and deliver a resolution on the Sri Lanka.

More at the campaign website Protect Aid Workers.

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The moment your daughter tells you that she is HIV positive

Posted by Marc van Gurp | 12-03-2014 15:00 | Category: Fundraising, Health

Sidaction 2014

- Dad is me.
- How are you honey?
- I am HIV positive.

This is the message that no parent wants to hear. It is the basis of the new campaign of Sidaction. Because Parents can’t always be there for their kids.

Sidaction is a major French public event that started in 1994 for raising awareness and collecting charitable funds for AIDS.
In contrast to 1994, the organization can bring a positive message. As the times have changed. Because medical science is a step further as it was then.
Parents are the target group this year.

“Cette fois, on a tous le pouvoir d’agir. Donnons
“This time, we all have the power to act. Give.”

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Metro Travelers in Paris follow a bullet to sign a petition

Posted by Marc van Gurp | 2-01-2014 22:20 | Category: Peace & Conflicts

Action against Hunger (ACF): Killing a humanitarian is like killing those he helped

These big ads were shown at the Paris subway last month. It was from Action Against Hunger made for Human Rights Day.

Commuters could follow a bullet through a series of prints with symbols of the essential help humanitarians bring to those in need.
Ending with: “Killing a humanitarian is like killing those he helped”.
Metro Travelers are also invited to support the protection of humanitarian help by signing directly on the last print.

The campaign is a follow up from Justice for Muttur, the campaign aims to get war criminals behind bars.

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Justice for Muttur: Put war criminals behind bars

Posted by Marc van Gurp | 8-10-2012 21:35 | Category: Human rights, Peace & Conflicts

Avaaz: Justice for Muttur: Put war criminals behind bars

On the 4th August 2006, in the midst of civil war, many civilians, including 17 aid workers of Action against Hunger (ACF), were killed in the town of Muttur, in Sri Lanka. The aid workers were executed in their office, brought to their knees and shot a bullet in the head. That is a war crime.
None of the three national investigations launched in Sri Lanka since 2006 came to an answer. The investigations were plagued with obstruction, interference of politics in the judiciary, lack of transparency and independence, and procedural irregularities.

ACF is asking for justice for this case of war crime by opening an international and independent UN investigation. They ask you to sign their petition. It will be handed over to the President of the Human Rights Council of the United Nations on 22nd of October.

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Posted by Armando Alves | 17-06-2009 10:16 | Category: Elder Issues, Health

Impressive film for France’s Alzheimer Association.

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No maiming

Posted by Marc van Gurp | 6-07-2006 15:14 | Category: Ableism, Human rights, Politics, Developing World

handicap International

Two print ads from the French department of Handicap International. Handicap International exists to support the needs of disabled people in countries affected by poverty and conflict. They provide both emergency relief and long term development support.

The first one sent in by Mike (thanks!) is about landmines. Although you can discuss about the visual, the mine salesman will blow himself up :-), the message is clear. Landmines can make a mess of people’s lives. Nice detail: the flags of countries which have a big landmine problem at the left side of the shoebox.

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