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Guide dogs also help people who have seen too much [update]

Posted by Marc van Gurp | 7-01-2014 18:00 | Category: Fundraising, Social aid, Peace & Conflicts

KNGF Geleidehonden - Guide dogs also help people who have seen too much

This is the new commercial from KNGF Geleidehonden, the Dutch Guide Dog Association. They are known for the training of guide dogs.
That they also train dogs for different tasks is less well known. As for war veterans with post-traumatic stress disorder. They often suffer from insomnia, nightmares and reliving.

A dog contributes to a sense of security, increased mobility and comfort and peace, seeking contact and make his boss awake by nightmares.

“We not only help people who can’t see, but also people who have seen too much.”

Update: the video is now available in English. See below. Thank you Selmore.
(Dutch version after the break)

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White cane “Web Blackout” - Beli štap

Posted by Tatjana Vukic | 15-08-2013 18:43 | Category: Education, Fundraising, Health

Great new digital pro bono campaign by McCann, Belgrade and MRM, Belgrade.

My recommendation: watch this video fullscreen (more info after the video):


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Guide dogs are vital for the blind

Posted by Marc van Gurp | 14-05-2013 22:00 | Category: Health

Guide dogs are vital for the blind

These ads are made for the Canadian Guide Dog Association Mira. But the style is very European. Because of Erik Vervroegen, the creative director at Publicis and well-known of his work for AIDES and Amnesty International.
Of course it’s teamwork but when he is involved something melodramatic or bombastic comes up.

“Guide dogs are vital for the blind. Donate at mira.ca.”

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Google Maps for Guide Dogs

Posted by Marc van Gurp | 2-01-2012 22:00 | Category: Health, Social aid

KNGF Geleidehonden: Google Maps for Guide Dogs

A new nifty Google Maps tool. Getting safely from A to B with a Guide Dog with Google Maps.
It really works, check this route (and press the ‘Get Directions’ button).

For blind people, getting from A to B is often a challenging route. Guide dogs enable blind people to safely, easily and independently take to the streets. This is why KNGF Geleidehonden (The Royal Dutch Guide Dog Foundation) trains puppies to be guide dogs.

The only thing we have to wait for is a smartphone made for dogs :-)

Previous KNGF Geleidehonden campaigns:
- Guide Dog on the Catwalk
- Sunglasses for KNGF Guidedogs

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Guide Dog on the Catwalk

Posted by Marc van Gurp | 6-04-2011 19:36 | Category: Health

Smart ad which is very similar to this campaign from Cordaid. But for a completely different cause.
Like a catwalk various dogs are spotted on the street, showing the most expensive fashion items. But the things which really matters aren’t that expensive. A so called halfcheck (collar/harness) cost only €3,00

The ad is from KNGF Geleidehonden, the Dutch KNGF Guide Dogs.

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The Guide Dog Interviews

Posted by Marc van Gurp | 3-11-2010 20:45 | Category: Health

It seems it is raining ads and dogs at Osocio. That isn’t my line, it’s Armando’s :-)

It is the well known technique, changing roles. But it gives me a good laugh these Guide Dog Interviews made for Guide Dogs NSW / ACT.
It describes perfectly how important the role of a guide dog is. Working 24/7, never taking holidays and training for 10 years.
Watch real people being interviewed for the role, and see how they handled it.

Video above is the compilation of the four videos you can see after the break.

Guide Dogs NSW/ACT is the leading provider of orientation and mobility services to the blind and vision impaired living in NSW and the ACT (Australia).

“There’s only one candidate for this job.”

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How do you show support for someone who can’t see?

Posted by Marc van Gurp | 28-03-2010 20:26 | Category: Health

Great idea from Australia. How do you show support for someone who can’t see? Support Scent is the first form of support ever that has been specifically designed for the vision impaired to sense. One that appeals to the sense of smell, as opposed to so many others that appeal to vision.

By purchasing and wearing Support Scent you’ll not only be raising funds for Guide Dogs Australia, but actually letting vision impaired individuals themselves have a chance to be aware that the wider community cares.

Scented Braille letters (and other letter forms preferred by the vision impaired) imbued with Support Scent will be sent out in advance to the blind and vision impaired where possible, ensuring they can recognise the fragrance.

Kit Cosmetics has played a crucial role in the production and distribution of Support Scent.

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